When sea freight is just too slow and courier or express cargo is just too expensive, airfreight can be the logical alternative to your needs.

Our agents can make the arrangements and follow through for your shipment as small as an envelope or as large as a factory move anywhere that has an airfield capable of handling large aircraft and customs facilities.

Acting as the general sales force for most international and domestic carriers enables us to provide you with competitive rates and find the service that will meet your demanding needs.

Sea freight

Sea freight is a very cost efficient method of transporting goods from one sea port to another. Goods can be shipped as lcl, ro/ro, break bulk, bulk, or fcl. Container equipment available for your use are 20' standard or dry boxes, 20' flat racks or open tops, 40' standard or dry boxes, 40' flat racks or open tops, high cube and temperature controlled. Some lines can provide larger containers of the 45' & 53' variety.

One of our agents will take your booking information, confirm all booking details by return fax and make all the necessary arrangements to move your shipment to its destination within the time frame and budget that best suits your requirements.


Whether you want to move your freight across town, across Canada or to the United States or Mexico, our agents can find the equipment necessary to safely handle your shipment. We can provide customs clearance at the U.S. or Mexican borders should your sales terms dictate or provide "In Bond" service to the customs terminal closest to destination.