Express Package

When your goods definitely have to be there, Express Package, may be the best alternative. This service provides the quickest transit times and would be most interesting to those exporters and importers requiring a "Just In-Time" product. Many carriers will provide guarantees, ensuring your goods arrive as booked. Guarantees for service failures can result in up to a 100% refund of charges. Ask one of our agents for details about these services and if your destination is covered.


Have a small project or a mega project overseas ? Our agents have the experience necessary to ensure your project goes according to plan. We will follow-up your purchase orders with suppliers, marshal goods in one of our warehouses and make all the necessary arrangements to have your shipments at destination in time. Whether or not you wish to charter aircraft or ships, we can take the headache out of transporting your goods in a timely and safe manor to its final destination.


Insurance is a practical expenditure. If your shipment should arrive damaged or partially missing, carriers only have a limited liability, usually less than the cargo's value. Ask about our inexpensive insurance premiums.